Boys Team

GCEG is exceptional!  We focus on the long-term health of your child.  By having a TOP (Team of Professionals), we can better educate and guide parents and athletes in nutrition, muscle balance, and how to listen to one's own body and know how to make healthy choices.  No attendance requirements allow for the flexibility to do what is best for each individual child.

What makes GCEG's Gymnastics Teams different than others?


  • GCEG has no contracts

  • GCEG trains the athletes in ways that are beneficial long-term

  • GCEG educates the parents as well as the athletes

  • GCEG encourages a balance in the athlete's life, family & school first

  • GCEG keeps a balance in practices. Practices are fun and we build good relationships while progressing in the sport of gymnastics

Our team athletes are encouraged to attend FlipFest Summer Gymnastics Camp!